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Hung Kings Festival


One day De Lai, King of a Northern Tribe, and his daughter Au Co journied to the south and met Lac Long Quan.

Lac Long Quan was smitten by Au Co's beauty and took her hand in marriage. Soon after Au Co gave birth, not to a child, but a membraneous sac containing 100 eggs. The sac got larger until one day it burst on the seventh day. The eggs gave hatched and gave birth to 100 beautiful children who are considered the original ancestors of the people of Vietnam.

The King and Queen parted ways as he was of the sean and she of the mountains and each took 50 children to populate these areas. The oldest son, who had departed with his mother, established himself at Phong Chau, now the southern part of Phu Tho Province, and made himself king.

He was the first Hung (brave) King of 18 that ruled between 2879 BCA. and 258 BCA. It was these Kings who forged the national characteristics of mutual affection, sense of community, patriotism and unwillingness to yeild to opression.    

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